HomeCamper partners with HeroCamper!

HomeCamper partners with HeroCamper!

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HomeCamper is thrilled to announce its new partnership with HeroCamper, a Danish company that manufactures teardrop-shaped caravans, to provide an even more complete and unforgettable camping experience for all travelers.

HeroCamper is based and built in the fishing town of Esbjerg on the west coast of Denmark, known for its harsh climate and natural environment. The fiberglass body of the HeroCamper mini-caravans is constructed in a similar way to the hulls of ships, making it highly resistant to weather events and stone chips. The HeroCamper was created for travelers who love the freedom of nature – campers who are looking for outdoor experiences that are out of this world.

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Through this partnership, HeroCamper owners will be able to experience a new way of camping and adventure in freedom, staying in private, secure backyards that fit their needs and budget. With access to more than 58,000 campsites in France and throughout Europe, HomeCamper is the ideal solution for those who want to enjoy amenities such as showers, toilets and WiFi, which are not always available in wilderness camping.

As the leading online booking company for outdoor, HomeCamper is proud to partner with a renowned company like HeroCamper to offer our customers a unique camping experience. We are confident that this partnership with HeroCamper will spark new vocations for this mode of travel immersed in nature and encountering regional traditions and know-how.