« Since we are a bit far from the world, we decided to bring the world to us »

« Since we are a bit far from the world, we decided to bring the world to us »

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Interview of Camille and Jean-Louis Ancelle-Fontaine, HomeCamper hosts in Auvergne.

Camille and Jean-Louis registered on the Home Camper platform a year ago and offer since then to their travelers coming from all around Europe, their beautiful garden in the heart of the region. Through them, it’s all the hosts of our community that we’d like to put forward, because they represent the « Home Camper spirit » so well : a mix of friendliness, authenticity, a proximity to nature and the envy of sharing the joy that their garden provides. Camille accepted to answer our questions. 

Home Camper : You seem very attached to this Augerolle house. Why?

A.C.F: We bought this house on a heart stroke about ten years ago. We « found it » by chance, during one of our hikes in the region and we were immediately seduced: a house full of charm, a beautiful setting with a panoramic view on the ridge of the Puys and the Pavin lake, ten hectares of land with a high potential and around us so many hiking trails, just as we like them. And when Jean-Louis and I took our retirement, two years ago, we decided to devote more ourselves to this place we lived in. Today, we enjoy it fully; each season is lovely.

A real heart stroke for this house in Augerolles in Auvergne

Home Camper: What pushed you to open your domain to travelers?

A.C.F: Entertain and beautify our garden brings us so much joy. But we are even happier if we can make some else enjoy it too. It’s one of the two main reason that pushed us to register our garden on the Home Camper website : the desire to share with others the environment that surrounds us…. And our garden that we are so proud of.

The Pavin Lake from the garden

The other reason is so simple too: when we were in activity, we both had jobs that implied a lot of human contact. Today, we don’t have the same occasion to meet people, as our house is located in a small village in the mountains. We then took a decision: « As we are a bit far from the world, we decided to bring the world to us. »  That’s what we did last year becoming HomeCamper hosts, and we are so happy about it!

Camille and Jean-Louis

Home Camper: What do you keep from these encounters?

A.C.F: Lots of joy and happiness that are shared. The travelers that stop at ours don’t come by chance : they are mainly people that want to do nice walks or hikes, and here they are filled with all they searched for ! They also come here to seek calmness and have a break embracing the nature. And very often when they come back from their stroll, it generally ends with a dinner, everyone is around the same table…. Everything is done naturally. Our objective, is that the visitors feel like at home the time of their stay and leave with beautiful memories…

View of the Puys ridge

Find Camille and Jean Louis’s garden on the HomeCamper platform!

Travelers in vans, tents or motorhomes are welcome to Augerolles

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