Horse-riding in the Camargue and wider France

Horse-riding in the Camargue and wider France

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The dusty-white Camargue horses are said to be one of the oldest breeds in the world, originating in southern France amongst the Camargue marshes and the wetlands of the Rhône delta. Iconic images of the strong, working animals often show them galloping through water and being used by farmers for controlling livestock and rounding up the black bulls which used to be used for fighting.

More recently, this breed’s calm temperament combined with their agility, intelligence and stamina has meant that the horses are often used for equestrian games, dressage, and long- distance riding, as well as for ever-popular tourist outings.

With HomeCamper you can stay on this farm near Avignon where the ancient breed of Camargue bulls are reared in the traditional way by the host family, who also offer the chance to meet and feed their animals. In the local area, many local guides and organisations can take you on horse riding tours and expeditions to suit a range of ability levels. The Camarague Tourism Guide suggest some recommended stables where you can ride through vineyards, across miles of picturesque French countryside, or make the most of these horse’s love for water by trekking along the seashore. The Centre Equestre d’Avignon is an established riding stables which offers guided tours as well as lesson for both adults and children from aged four and above.

For those who have never tried horse riding before, your camping holiday could be the perfect chance to try something new and realise the many benefits of riding for leisure and sport. As well as exploring the area and being out in the fresh air, horse riding can be highly beneficial for long-term wellbeing and health. As well as toning the core and legs, and increasing muscle strength and flexibility, riding also improves co-ordination, body awareness and quick-thinking. Being at ease with such strong and powerful animals is a special privilege but also a great responsibility and skill. Teachers can show you the ways to confidently work with horses and feel the calm and satisfying sense of achievement when you and the animal learn to work together harmoniously.

In northern France, camp at Le Grand Parquet, in the heart of the stunning Fontainebleau forest. This prestigious venue has so much to offer including horse riding but also rock climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, sled dogs and trekking. Or you can just explore the famous Fontainebleau Chateau.
We offer 10 pitches at the emblematic Grand Parquet, an event and equestrian site of 26 hectares on the edge of the forest of Fontainebleau and close to the city centre.

We have a wide range of hosts where horse riding is available or perhaps you might wish to camp at a working farm. Here at HomeCamper we always love to hear about all your sporting adventures, so please comment below to tell us about any horse-riding plans or excursions that you could recommend to the rest of the HomeCamper community!