Surfing in the South of France: Landes and the Basque Country

Surfing in the South of France: Landes and the Basque Country

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For surfers of all abilities, the Atlantic west coast of France provides a paradise for escaping the real world and spending some quality time in the great outdoors. Amongst pine forests, sweeping fields and cool clear swimming lakes, the Landes region and the Basque Country really are the surf-camper’s summer haven.

With great beginner waves for most of the year, the Summer and early Autumn are really the best time to head to the south of France for your surf trip. In the region of Landes, and close to the wine-famous town of Bordeaux, this beautiful site in Biscarosse boasts easy access to both lakes and the ocean, as well as it’s own swimming pool.  A little further south near Miziman, this enclosed garden campsite welcomes vans and tents for relaxed summer camping and barbeques.

If you fancy being a little closer to the classic surf town of Biarrtiz, this garden campsite could be perfect for you! Beautiful homes and delicious eateries are found along the rugged coastline around the city of Biarritz, where the surf culture blends with the exclusivity of some of France’s most desirable holiday homes. Whether you want to indulge in French cuisine on the sea-front terraces, or jump straight into the water with a board (hire is easily available), a day trip to the city is a must for anyone road-tripping through the Basque Country.

For a detailed guide to the more advanced surf spots up and down the coastline check out, and with WiFi available in so many of our HomeCamper host sites, you’ll be able to connect to MagicSeaweed for regular updates on the conditions. The flexibility of our online booking system is perfect for the surf mentality – you can’t plan ahead until you know where the waves are…