Favourites: Bordeaux, an Art of Living

Favourites: Bordeaux, an Art of Living

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In France as elsewhere, everyone knows Bordeaux for its sumptuous wines; According to Bernard Pivot, Bordeaux is even « considered the world’s first vineyard * »! But how well do you know the City of Bordeaux?

If you like picturesque streets, unusual places, monuments laden with history, little restaurants, good wines and conviviality, then Bordeaux is made for you!

This is our city’s heart of the month; make it a stopover or a getaway during the beautiful season. You will find plenty of HomeCamper gardens in the area to settle comfortably with your hosts and to discover this city where it’s good to live. We offer you a few trails and good plans, but the city has such a rich heritage that you will be spoilt for the choice to form your circuit.


In the historical heart of Bordeaux - Citybreak Roadtrip Escapade Adventure Getaway
In the historical heart of Bordeaux


The Old City, UNESCO World Heritage

It’s made up of several neighborhoods, all identified by their remarkable historical monuments. A must-see: the Saint Pierre District, with its charming alleys, its « trendy » shops alongside booksellers and flea markets and its beautiful squares where the lively terraces bloom, for a drink or to eat. On the rue Sainte Catherine, the longest pedestrian street in Europe – according to the Bordeaux region – there are many shops; ideal for shopping!

On the quays along the Gironde, you will not miss the Place de la Vieille Bourse and its imposing 18th century building; its overview is sublimated by an extraordinary mirror of water where the effects of reflections and fog alternate. It’s also for children – small and large – an extraordinary playground, half-fountain, half-urban beach where you can play barefoot. An almost unreal show that is only seen in Bordeaux.


The Miroir d’eau… reflect side - Bordeaux Citybreak Roadtrip Escapade Adventure Getaway
The Miroir d’eau… reflect side


... on the fog side - Bordeaux Citybreak Roadtrip Escapade Adventure Getaway
… on the fog side


Other essential places

We recommend, the quarter of La Porte Cailhau, the Great Bell, the Place des Quinconces with its impressive fountain and its famous Monument aux Girondins, or the Place de la Victoire and its booksellers. Not forgetting the many religious buildings: among them, the Saint André Cathedral and its astonishing steeple: the Pey Berland Tower which offers to the most courageous (229 steps…) a breathtaking view of the old town.


The eco-district Darwin - Bordeaux Citybreak Roadtrip Escapade Adventure Getaway
The eco-district Darwin


Bordeaux, right bank side. Crossing the Gironde by the Pont de Pierre, change of atmosphere; first a nice walk in the botanical garden of the Bastide district. Then arrived in the Darwin district; This is an amazing site that needs to be discovered. A former industrial wasteland, it has been transformed into an alternative space for both innovation playground and cultural space where street art and hip hop are kings. It’s also a good plan to eat organic.

Do you enjoy museums? Bordeaux will not disappoint you: visit the recently renovated Musée des Beaux-Arts, where Dutch paintings are well-presented, the Musée d’Aquitaine which traces the history of the region, the Museum of Decorative Arts & Design, the Musée d’Art contemporain and well others.

Do you like busy markets? There are many markets in Bordeaux and all have their special charm. We recommend: The Marché des Capucins, the Marché des Chartrons in the district of the same name and, the flea market, at the foot of the Saint Michel Church.


Drink well and eat well?  

In Bordeaux, it goes without saying! Just let yourself be guided by your desires, according to your dawdling. Terraces, tapas bars, pubs, restaurants offer their specialties, at all prices…

If you want to become an ace of oenology, go to La Cité du Vin; This high-rise cultural place with avant-garde architecture offers a complete discovery of the history and manufacture of wine. A good entry before visiting the vineyards of the region!


La Cité du Vin (Wine City) Bordeaux Citybreak Roadtrip Escapade Adventure Getaway
La Cité du Vin (Wine City)


Bordeaux with the family : For children, Bordeaux is full of resources: boat rides, skate parks, bicycle tours, water parks, zoo… There’s something for are all ages and tastes.

Practical Bordeaux: To make the most of your getaway in Bordeaux, visit it on foot (or by bike). With its network of trams, buses and river shuttles, the offer of public transport is rich and allows to move easily. Whatever your vehicle is, camping car, van or car, we advise you to leave it on the outskirts of the city.

In the vicinity: If you are coming to Bordeaux, plan an extra day to discover the area! How about a trip to the sea? The Arcachon Bay and the Dune of Pilat are an hour away!

Want to know everything about Bordeaux?
Website: https://www.bordeaux-tourisme.com/


* Dictionary in love with wine (Dictionnaire amoureux du vin) – Bernard Pivot at Plon
For all photos illustrating this article: © tourist Office of Bordeaux