Travel in TipTop, a New Way to Travel

Travel in TipTop, a New Way to Travel

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More than a brand, Tiptop is a concept that allows everyone to adopt another mode of travel: An alternative style of travel that illustrates a holiday mode and a non-traditional way of life… It’s actually another way to escape!

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This concept is marked by the return to simplicity, authenticity, adventure, to be closer to nature and to the discovery of oneself and others, to spend nights in the wilderness and to be able to wake up every morning in a place and with a different view. What more can you ask for than to fall asleep in a mobile room, cozy and comfortable, in front of the most beautiful landscapes in the world? In France or abroad, camp with the inhabitants thanks to HomeCamper or in total autonomy because its room area, its kitchenette and its facilities will allow you!

By adopting this mode of travel, the superficial aspect in which we sometimes live are set aside for the benefit of more responsible, more economical and more authentic trips. No more mass tourism that makes your holiday identical to thousands of others, this way of travelling is also an alternative to the tourist industry!

In mini-caravan, you will experience new and rare experiences. You will travel differently, you will alternate between travel and stop, and travel and non-travel… These journeys will bring you out of certain shackles and live the road trip inspiring, tonic, soothing, family, nature, meeting others, idle, economical, ecological, centered on the essential…

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Leaving in this way makes it possible to revise its needs, to get rid of superfluous, to adapt and to concentrate on what one has. Travelling in mini-caravan will give you new ambitions, new dreams and probably also fidgeting! It’s quite possible that you’ll change your vision about the world, about life and about certain values after this holiday!

In addition, to be a great concept of travel, it’s beautiful! The look, inspired by American Teardrops, remains timeless always as attractive and a pleasure for the eyes.


You certainly knew other ways to escape, to leave freely like the tent, the van, the caravan and the motorhome, but are you ready to test a stay in Tiptop which brings together the simplicity of a tent, the comfort of a caravan and this, in complete freedom?


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