How to Transform Your Van Into a Camper?

How to Transform Your Van Into a Camper?

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The VanLife movement is growing, with a desire for freedom and exploration. In this article we offer you some tips to transform your van into a camper.


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To transform your van into a camper you must:

Choose well your « carrier »

To have a van fitted out, you must choose well your carrier; that is, the leisure vehicle that will carry your new home. Some models on the market are already developed by the professionals, this is the case with the brands Mercedes Vans, Westfalia and Hanroad for example, but you can also find them in utilitarian version directly at the dealer and you will have the opportunity to arrange them yourself.

Some brand ideas:
– Mercedes Vito/Viano
– Ford Transit/Tourneo
– Renault Traffic
– Opel Vivaro
– Fiat Talento
– Volkswagen T4/T5/T6
-Peugeot Expert
– Citroën SpaceTourer

Choose your roof type

The roof is an important parameter in the different stages of the van development. There are 3 different types of roofs:

  • Non-liftable roofs: If you choose to buy your van in a utilitarian version from a professional, it will certainly be equipped with a non-liftable roof. These are fixed roofs that do not open. Their main advantage is the price, in fact, the price of the van if it’s equipped with a roof like this, will be less. Its defect is its practicality. In fact, the non-retractable roof limits the van in height and space.
  • Liftable roofs: Vans arranged by professionals specially, are generally equipped with this type of roof. Liftable roofs, when unfolded, increase the height of the van and allow the user to stand upright and to have more space. In addition, others are also able to bring 2 additional bedding.
  • The raised roofs: it’s a provision still not very present in vans since it turns them into a veritable « mini » motorhome. It is indeed a fixed structure that doesn’t move.

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Choose your bedding type

You will have the possibility to choose your bedding through different types:

  • The dinette bed: This is a bedding that is often found in equipped vans. It’s actually a folding bed, which is formed by a few manipulations. Once unfolded, the bed offers a bedding for 2 persons.
  • The bench bed: These are the passenger seats that bend to form with the help of other elements, a large bedding.
  • The lift bed: If your van is equipped with a liftable roof, you will certainly have the possibility of having a liftable bed. It is a bed that can be undone once the roof is unfolded, it can be very practical and easily set up, as a general rule, this type of bedding will offer you two extra bedding.
  • The roof tent: It’s also a landscaping solution for vans. They also allow us to have a new additional bedding that unfolds on the roof. This is a good compromise if you do not have a liftable roof. If you want to buy a roof tent, you will have to count a budget between €1000 and €4000.

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Choose your kitchen

Depending on your desires, your needs, your type of van and your budget, you have the possibility to have a kitchen inside or outside your vehicle.

  • The interior kitchen: It’s generally offered by professional developers even though it’s still possible to arrange a kitchen when your vehicle is not equipped. On the other hand, if you choose to set up your own kitchen, you can still check your facilities by a professional, including water and gas.
  • The outdoor kitchen: complete modules exist, they are often dockable at the back of the vehicle or on the side, many configurations will be possible, you will have to count a budget between €1000 and €5000.

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Choose your water room space

You can opt for an indoor water room: these are spaces usually equipped with a shower and toilets. On the other hand, the place and the space available is limited, so it’s the minimum equipment that is provided to you.
You also have the possibility of owning an outdoor bathroom: you will find on the market quite easily outdoor showers, you’ll only have to add a shower curtain or a camping shower cabin and your portable bathroom will be created.

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Other equipment acquisition

To make your van even better, you have the possibility to acquire many different equipments that will allow you to have a more nomadic and practical lifestyle:

  • The side awning
  • A canopy
  • An outdoor tailgate
  • A bike rack


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