5 Good Reasons to Ditch Everything for a « VanLife »

5 Good Reasons to Ditch Everything for a « VanLife »

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The colorful photos of VanLifers make us dream when the greyness persists. Much more than just a trend, it’s now a real way of life. Many have chosen the journey, the adventure, the road and the unexpected. It’s not uncommon that we too, want to leave everything to go on a roadtrip! But hey, the job, the family, or just the fear of getting started… It’s not easy to decide to take off.
Here are the five good reasons to ditch everything for a VanLife!

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I. Farewell the same old routine!Hello the sunny roads, the grandiose landscapes, the surprises and the unexpected. Today is the first day of the rest of your lives. And what lives!

II. Through my window I see…a different scenery every day! Waking up to the sound of the ocean waves and falling asleep at the murmur of the forest trees breeze… It’s not given to everyone to live in a house on wheels. Think of all those you’ll make drool with envy!!

HomeCamper VanLife Trip


III. No more accumulation! When you start a VanLife, you unload! No more cumbersome and useless objects that were accumulated before. No more closets overflowing! Shorts and a pair of flip-flops can be synonymous with happiness. Also finished loneliness, when you travel, you are never really alone…

IV. Stories to tell!The trip is a ton of fun, but also dozens of small glitches. Think of your friends ‘ reaction when you tell them about that day when you broke down in the middle of a deserted road in Australia, with only company, a big spider that had elected home in your van! Class no?

V. Freedom, oh, freedom…VanLife is the direct synonym of this word that makes us dream so much: freedom. No one to tell you which way to go, what route to follow… Person to dictate you a behavior to follow… No one to put you on the fence. You become the captain of your own ship (or rather of your own van), you are in command! If it’s not perfect…

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When are you leaving?