It’s a Dog’s Life; Pet-Friendly Trip in Europe with HomeCamper

It’s a Dog’s Life; Pet-Friendly Trip in Europe with HomeCamper

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Europe is the ideal location to take your canine chum on holiday, from the stress-free Channel crossing to the pet-friendly reception. Here’s some tips on how to travel with your pets for a pet-friendly trip!

There is nothing more sad than to leave your friend in kennels. However with ferries and the Eurotunnel allowing pets to travel, Europe is easily accessible for campers. HomeCamper would love to host you and your pet!

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Brittany Ferries makes it totally straightforward to take your pet across the Channel in your own car or motorhome. It’s approved to carry dogs (and cats, too) under the PETS scheme, which allows microchipped animals with the right paperwork and immunisations to pass into Europe without a period of quarantine. On some routes, you can book a pet-accessible cabin and keep your dog with you during the sailing. Other ships have a dedicated kennel area, or on shorter sailings, will let you visit your dog in the car while at sea, accompanied by a member of staff.

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Why choose France ?

If you’re keen to take your dog with you on holiday, there are plenty of reasons to choose France. It’s right on our doorstep for one, so you can keep car travel to a minimum. And with around the same population as the United Kingdom in twice the area, it provides plenty of space for them to roam – from wide, empty beaches to woodland walks.

Better yet, France is among the most dog-friendly nations on Earth. Many cafés and restaurants will happily allow your pet inside and provide food and water.

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HomeCamper is unique in that it allows people to book and stay with local hosts on their land and around three-quarters of these are pet friendly. It aims to bring a new level of camping experience far from the over-crowded or ‘mass’ campsites that currently exist, often with strict rules about looking after their canine friends. Our website is easy to use and search our locations by region and also by which hosts are pet friendly.

You needn’t travel far from the arrival ports to find places where your dog can get sand beneath its paws. It’s worth noting that in summer, some beaches have restrictions on when and where animals are permitted – usually limiting them to early mornings and evenings.

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The efficient road network makes the journey to southern France a pleasure, even with four-legged passengers. Trunk routes and autoroutes have frequent rest areas (aires) where you can park up and exercise your dog. An enduringly popular destination in the south is the Dordogne – a region of wide, wooded valleys, fortified hilltop towns and vineyards peppered with handsome villages.

For a full list of pet friendly locations;  HomeCamper!

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