Take some time to relax by playing pétanque or molkky during your HomeCamper trips!

Take some time to relax by playing pétanque or molkky during your HomeCamper trips!

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Van parked near Pétanque and Molkky field for a HomeCamper trip

What if you try to relax and to play pétanque or molkky during your trips with HomeCamper? 

From the 4th of July to the 7th of July, in Marseille, there was an important event for pétanque. Furthermore, August should have been the month of the world championship of molkky. 

Those two events are proof that these two games are perfect to be practiced in summer. 

Also, you should know that pétanque and molkky are incredible games that can be played with your closed ones, in order to create incredible memories. And you can bring all you need to play in your packages for your trips easily!



Pétanque is a game suited for campers. You can play with either two, four or six players. Your goal is basically to score thirteen points to win the game. Your skills and your ability to launch the balls precisely will be challenged. 

It is a very good activity if you want to relax. 

This sport is very popular in the south of France.



Molkky is a Finnish game that began to be famous worldwide during the early 2010’s. It is also a game of skill in which your accuracy will make the difference if you want to claim victories against your opponents. 

You will have to reach 50 points by making the pins with numbers fall in order to celebrate your win. 

Pay attention to your opponents who will sometimes play not to win but to prevent you from doing so when your turn comes. That is clearly the kind of thing that could help to live funny moments with your opponents during the game.

Play pétanque and molkky during your HomeCamper trips!

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So what about trying to play pétanque or molkky during your HomeCamper trips? 

If you travel to some places such as Marseille, you would certainly find hosts that would love to teach you or to play pétanque with you. Isn’t it tempting to play that game under the sun, near the sea, with a drink and many smiles? 

For molkky, you could discover with your hosts anywhere you would like to travel or let them make you discover if they already play it.

Ready to play and create good memories in your holidays? Book your trip now on HomeCamper and be prepared to smile, laugh and relax!