Celebrate the beginning of the Euro 2021 with a sports trip with HomeCamper!

Celebrate the beginning of the Euro 2021 with a sports trip with HomeCamper!

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Euro 2021 France vs Germany sports trip HomeCamper

The Euro 2021 is about to begin, so why not living it fully with a sports trip booked on HomeCamper? 

This event is a great opportunity to practice sport again. Along with the hot weather coming soon, it makes two very good reasons. 

In this article, we are going to give you some keys to have a nice sports trip thanks to HomeCamper.

The Euro 2021, an event to follow through HomeCamper trips.

Football on the beach with a tent around Euro 2021 sports trip with HomeCamper

The Euro 2020, renamed the Euro 2021 because of Covid, will finally begin on the 11th of June. Even if it was delayed by one year, this major football event will probably be wonderful. 

The games will take place in many cities all over Europe. HomeCamper offers many spots to camp and can be very useful in order to follow the competition. 

What is more exciting than to follow the European Championship from very close? You could do it by camping at places where you would be received well. 

More than a warm welcome, your hosts will allow you to live an incredible experience by making you discover their own culture.

Another very good reason to do sports!

Biking Camping

Are you someone who loves sports? Are you maybe someone who wants a summer body? Or maybe you are just someone who wants to be in good shape? 

HomeCamper might be a solution to help you.  

Indeed, our website is able to offer you plenty of trips in which you can do some sports if you wish to. 

For the bikers, some of our hosts are close to some important cycling routes, such as the EuroVelo ones. 

If you prefer to walk, you will be able to find hosts near sites where you could do some hiking. 

Concerning the horse riders, you can find places to go with your horse or to ride one because some of our hosts are equestrian centres. 

Do not worry, if you love fishing, we did not forget you. People with some fishing spots around their field would be glad to welcome you.

Use the Euro 2021 to prepare a sports trip with HomeCamper!

Surfing on the beach

You will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique event during the next few days. Whether it be to make parties, to do sports or even to go on holidays, you can find what you are looking for on HomeCamper.

Our hosts all over Europe will be happy to receive you. Some of them will be so glad to live the competition with you. You will have the luxury to enjoy those moments with locals. 

No matter what kind of trips you desire, you can find it on HomeCamper. 

Go now on our website and live the Euro 2021 fully with an amazing sports trip on HomeCamper!