Tips to Style Your Camper for the Holidays

Tips to Style Your Camper for the Holidays

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! For many, the holidays are an excuse to go big and to spend money on lavish gifts and food. For those of us who live in a tiny house, camper, or other small space–this is simply not the case. A small space doesn’t have the capacity for a tree, giant nativity scene, or anything that could create clutter. But wait, a tiny space doesn’t mean you can’t decorate for the holidays. Let’s take a look at some festive tips to style your camper this holiday season.

  1. Strings of Lights 
    When it comes to living in a camper or other small space, hanging decorations high is key. No one wants a light bulb or tinsel in their face! Strings of lights make the perfect holiday decor because they are also a pretty source of light that looks good all year round. HomeCamper Fairy Light
  2. Faux-Fireplace
    Since a camper won’t have a real fireplace and chimney, it’s time to get a little creative! With a few candles and some tasteful holiday decorations, you can create a homemade hearth that will make your small space feel extra cosy. Whether you need a place to put out clogs or stockings, a homemade hearth is the perfect place to gather.
  3. Greenery 
    While you may not be able to fit an entire tree in your living space, garlands or holly branches make a lovely addition. If you really can’t give up the tree, then consider a table top one. You get all the fun of having a tree, just on a smaller scale. An outdoor tree is a great option if you really have no room indoors. Mother nature will thank you! HomeCamper Christmas Decoration
  4. DIY Mini Bar
    A small bookshelf can be converted into a handy mini bar. Drape a festive cloth over the shelf and line up your bottles of choice. A flower box lined with plastic and filled with ice is another handy idea for keeping your beers chilled. Alternatively, hook the flower box on an outdoor window and fill it with snow. Your guests are sure to be impressed with your creativity!
  5. Decorate Outdoors
    For those with teeny-tiny campers; decorating outside may be your best bet. Spruce up the outside of your camper with bird-seed ornaments and outdoor lighting. Nearby bushes and trees can also be decorated to add to the festive look. Add some lanterns and a campfire, and you’re all set for a hot cocoa by the fire!

Owning a small space or camper doesn’t need to be stressful or less festive just because there isn’t a lot of room. You can make your space super festive this holiday season by incorporating just a few of these style ideas! With a little creativity and an open mind, you can make the most out of your small space this season.


Tips to Style Your Camper for the Holidays By Molli McGee

Author: Molli McGee
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