Best Campfire Recipes

Best Campfire Recipes

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Here at HomeCamper‘s HQ we love cooking outdoors, there is something very special about camp cooking and feeling like a real “outdoor chef”. Eating outdoors is also great fun for all the family and there are plenty of stress free tasty dishes that are simple to cook. Whether you have a Weber BBQ or something simpler, it doesn’t always have to be just bangers and burgers! There is really no comparison and no way to imitate it. Cooking on an open flame outdoors just gives food that smoky, charred, flame taste. But for some people it can be intimidating and that is why these 8 tips will help you become a campfire cooking master. They are simple, yet effective, tips for making sure that cooking for the campfire goes well.

Here are our top tips to become a campfire cooking master!

  1. Baking foil is a godsend and makes great packet meals, you can cook jacket potatoes, fish and much more it also minimizes dirty dishes afterwards! Cooking over the campfire doesn’t get any easier than throwing a meal in tin foil, wrapping it up and putting it in the hot coals until it is ready. Foil packet meals are extremely versatile and there are thousands of meals that can be made in tin foil.
  2. Try using a cast iron skillet or Le Creuset cast iron casserole to cook great one pot dishes. Cast iron is a necessity if you are cooking over an open flame. It will never get ruined, you can cook anything on it and the cleanup is a breeze. Just a damp cloth to wipe it out!
  3. To cook fish on a barbecue, cut slits in the skin and rub in a mixture of olive oil and salt, so you get a crispy skin and then use a wooden or metal skewer to hold it all together. This avoids the heartbreak of a fish that’s cooked but falls into the coals when you move it!
  4. Pack some good grilling utensils including skewers; skewer meat, vegetables and fish for an easy campfire meal
  5. Turn food cookingover the campfire regularly to prevent burning and use plenty of olive oil, it can also be used in salads and dips!
  6. Don’t forget your herbs and spices! A small box containing curry powder, dried herbs, cornflour, flour, stock cubes, soy sauce, tomato purée, garlic purée, and chilli powder in small amounts can turn anything into a delicious feast!
  7. Ziploc or sandwich bags are a great way to store ingredients whilst travelling

  8. Be adventurous! Why not try a dessert like this delicious “Roasted Bananas with dark chocolate”

    Deliciously sweet, and messy – the best kind of camping dessert.

  • Allow one banana per person
  • Open a couple of sides of banana peel and place some chunks of dark (or milk if you prefer) chocolate in.
  • Close the bananas back up and wrap them in tinfoil. You could put these on top of the BBQ or on your campfire if that is what you are using. Leave to warm up and melt the chocolate.
  • The sugar in the banana will caramelize. You could also crush biscuits of your choice and put this in between as an additional topping.

Happy campfire cooking… share your best recipes with us at #HomeCamper