Favourites: Nantes, a touch of adventure…

Favourites: Nantes, a touch of adventure…

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Steeped in art, history and creativity, Nantes is a stunning metropolis, full of eclectic and welcoming places. Wheter you are young or old, life is good there. With plenty of surrounding HomeCamper gardens to choose from and just 40 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, this is the perfect city to spend a picturesque weekend. Follow the guide !

Le château des Ducs de Bretagne

Let’s start with a must-see historical site in Nantes: the Castle of the Ducs de Bretagne, which was the residence of many kings of France. The visit of this Castle promises a beautiful trip to the Renaissance. Another witness of this era, a building that is also part of the heritage of Nantes: the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, impressive by the majesty of its architecture.

The Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul

Not far from there, complete change of atmosphere: discover one of the trendy places of the city: the « Lieu Unique » which is the former factory of the famous French brand of biscuits LU, refitted in an alternative space. This friendly site hosts exhibitions, a library like no other and many shows.

On a cultural level, Nantes offers a wide range of concerts, exhibitions and conferences throughout the year in different places. As for museums, the Fine Arts Museum, reopened last year after major renovation works, offers a complete panorama of the history of European art. To visit is also the Museum Jules Vernes, the Museum of Natural History, the Memorial of the abolition of slavery, or the Dobrée Museum.

Close to the historic heart of the city, discover another must-see site: the Ile de Nantes, a new « district » known for its abundance of culture and creativity; it is there that one meets the famous « Machines of the island » with its famous elephant, true traveling cathedral, its carousel but also its museum of the machines. Machines that give to this island a mysterious reality « like the time when ships were launched there for all the journeys of the world ». It is the ideal place to stroll or have a coffee on a beautiful afternoon.

Speaking of strolling. Head to the island of Versailles, along the Erdre, or in the many parks, such as Procé or the Jardin des Plantes. If you prefer shopping, visit the Passage Pommeraye, a masterpiece of 19th century architecture, listed as a historic monument with its monumental staircase and its extravagant sculptures.

To get away from the hustle of the city, take the water bus (10 minutes from the Chantier-Naval station) to Trentemoult; this old fishing village with its narrow streets, colorful houses and lush vegetation that transports you as if by magic, on an exotic island with perfumes of Spain. Change of scenery on the banks of the Loire…

Flickr © XTOF360

Do you want a complete tour of Nantes? You can also follow the green line that draws in its streets a route on the ground: it will surely guide you to all the remarkable places of this singular and endearing city.

We’ll see each other there !

We’d like to hear if you’ve been exploring Nantes, and where your favourite places or attractions are. Send us your pictures with the hashtag #homecamper and we’ll share our favourite with the HomeCamper community!