HomeCamper: The new way to camp!

HomeCamper: The new way to camp!

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Get a Different Perspective with HomeCamper

The world of travel is changing thanks to new trends and technology. Instead of hotels and B&B’s, more and more tourists are opting to experience local flavor by staying in private homes and lodging offered through online apps. HomeCamper, on the other hand, is revolutionizing outdoor vacations by offering travelers the opportunity to camp in secluded parks and gardens. With 15% of Europeans choosing to camp while on holiday, families are looking for unique experiences that most public sites just can’t offer. Here are a few of the advantages of camping in a private residence on your next outdoor adventure.

A country, Seaside, or Mountaintop

No matter what you prefer, you can find your ideal venue when you have access to some of the best backyards in the area. Many of the best views in areas such as the Italian coast or Southwestern France belong to families that hold properties that aren’t accessible to the public. Camping on private property gives you access to landscapes that most tourists don’t get the opportunity to see.

Find Your Own Adventure

Ready to pack your bags and find adventure on the roads less traveled? In addition to unbeatable views, private properties may also have access to areas that are restricted to the general public. Beachfront properties may have a private section of sand where you can lounge, sunbathe, and surf without interruption from other tourists. You can also find private properties with access to lakes and rivers, cycling paths, hiking trails, and more.

Make Yourself At Home

Sometimes, vacations are just about relaxing. If you’re looking to camp in luxury, you can find private properties that offer useful amenities for guests to use freely. Some homes have gardens, pools, and even small gyms that guests are free to enjoy. Better yet, you don’t have to compete with other tourists for the best spot.

Keep the Kids Busy

Private properties don’t just offer fun experiences for adults. If your kid’s balk at the idea of camping, they may be more enthusiastic if you’re able to find a site with pets or farm animals to play with. You can also find affordable campsites on private properties near local pools, amusement parks, and other kid-friendly venues.

If you love camping but aren’t so fond of the summer crowds, HomeCamper gives you a chance to enjoy the great outdoors in a more secluded environment. You can stay on private property and enjoy an exclusive experience that’s catered to your tastes. Whether you’re looking to go on an adventure or relax by the poolside, you can book a camping trip that promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Written by Cassie Steel.