What to do when camping in the rain?

What to do when camping in the rain?

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Your HomeCamper stay started out with plenty of sunshine, but now the rain is playing the surprise guest. But don’t let it get you down ! Discover our 5 tips to keep you busy and turn a rainy day into a real adventure!

Walking in the rain

© Alberto Casetta

Organize an indoor Olympics!

For the most imaginative among you, the whims of the weather are an opportunity to transform a gloomy day into a real Olympic event. With friends, family or your camping neighbors, form teams and launch challenges: blind test, time’s up, post-it game, general knowledge quiz… The team with the best final score wins!

Indoor Olympics

© Abigail Miller

Play board games

What better way to share a real moment of conviviality with family or friends? Enjoy the comfort of your mobile home or van to organize a board games’ afternoon! It’s the perfect opportunity to get together as a family and in teams around your favorite game. The (bad) weather fly when you are having fun!

Board games with family when there is rain

Improvise a movie session

What could be better than escaping in front of a good movie when the weather is gloomy? Going to the movie theater is an alternative that will surely be appreciated by children.

Movie theater

© Jake Hills

Go on an adventure!

The rain can’t dampen your desire to escape? It’s time to explore the surroundings! Discover places around your HomeCamper campsite: castles, caves, aquarium and museums… Let yourself be surprised!

Tip: Don’t hesitate to ask the HomeCamper hosts for advice. They will be pleased to help you!

Museum when rain outside

© Maria Teneva

Do nothing at all & chill out

After all, isn’t a rainy day the perfect excuse to chill out? While the kids are coloring or watching their favorite TV program, take the opportunity to dive into your favorite novel… Better yet: give yourself a long, well-deserved nap!


© Mathias North